Eagle Houston

We walked to up a practically new building that was formerly 611, a bit a divey establishment during the time I have been in Houston.  I didn’t know what to expect with the redesign but what I saw on first impression was a very unique concept for the Montrose.  The façade features a series of porches on two floors along with a rustic exterior that took me back to being at Disney World and the Country Bear Jamboree.   Interesting as the Eagle is also home to the Houston Bears.  It seems as no detail has been left out on this building and what a revamp.

Entering the front door with a very nice doorman opening the door, the inside carried the theme forward with the addition of some modern type accents.  Since I had been in the 611 numerous times before I had no idea what to expect and was a bit taken aback with what I encountered.   A great use of space with the original bar reworked.  There is more to come as the upstairs is not completely finished.

I did enjoy the diversity of the crowd also as it incorporated old and new leather folk with a cross mix of others that are a good representation of the Montrose area and of Houston.

We spent time on the upper deck with friends and had a blast!  The service was speedy and cordial from the bar staff also.

Kudos to the designers, management and staff of The Eagle Houston!  Great job and look forward to many great experiences there!

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