American Fuzion! What a concept with the US of A being the Melting Pot of the world and a dynamic diversity of food, art and music combine into one. ROQ hopes to develop this concept in a multi-tiered approach to the inspiration of all these cultures combing into one people.
ROQ’s product has many facets to it, food from around the country fuzed together to make a great repast of simply elegance with a refined rural aspect to it. Along with this will be the inspiring works of art in various media and encouragement leading to commissions by local, national and international artists to contribute to the fabric of Columbus, Ohio along with the music these cultures have created and combined together in the American Theatre, Symphonies, Opera’s and Chamber Works so indicative of America’s Developing Culture.
I want to continue to push this envelope through the presentation of Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Jazz, Gospel and New Age performances throughout the years creating a consortium of performing artists in Middle America to which there will be no comparison.
All of this I plan to accomplish by the fusion of all these concepts into a dynamic experience to be enjoyed by all.

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