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Jere Clarinet

Jere Douglas, Founder of the Parlor Project, is the premier Arts Experiences Curator. He empowers us to see and live life as an art form! Through the Parlor Project, he connects professional artists and musicians to rabid professional arts lovers, their organic fan-base. As the Man in the Penguin Suit, Jere curates multi-sensory artistic experiences that challenge staid traditions in the arts and antiquated concepts in arts presentation. In a powerful combination of access, interaction and adventure the Parlor Project puts a human face to the marvelous sounds that people hear and provides an opportunity for its members to explore their creativity in all aspects of life.

Me 2016

My purpose is to empower creativity in rabid arts connoisseurs.  I will empower arts connoisseurs to think for themselves through my vibrant performing, intelligent thought provoking teaching, sharp and witty speaking and jovial actions. I will reveal to arts connoisseurs systems that have driven me to immense success!  I will empower creativity in arts connoisseurs’ through creating a vivacious atmosphere of pulsating creative actions and drive through boundaries by generating new frontiers to explore! I will challenge arts connoisseurs to discover their buried treasures and bring those to a vivacious life!

Living life on the edge can sometimes be horrifying and yet very fulfilling.  It is an interesting concept in todays world, being a private contractor and entrepreneur.  The challenges are quite unique and eye opening to underlying skills that most of us never equated with our chosen fields of endeavor.
Have you ever been told you are making a mistake going into the performing or visual arts?  I was as a child and adolescent!  However, I feel the field chose me.


Jere with Matt in Austin
Jere Douglas and Matt Korn


“I know it can feel sort of hopeless at the moment. I promise it’s temporary. Quick quips: you said others don’t understand your resilience. They don’t have to, only you do. You said, they see your work as different, I say bravo. It’s easier said than done but you must stop looking for support inside of that situation inside of that environment and find out how to give yourself the support you need. Never ever let other people’s actions determine your decisions or trajectory in terms of what you plan to pursue. Decide now that the way they behave is the way you won’t. There’s a way to move forward to preserve your sanity and bolster your aspirations!”

Wise words from friend and colleague Jade Simmons, International Yamaha Concert Artist and a create creator of unique experiences.

Me and Jody, my spouse!

With that said, let’s begin!




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