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Just Because

There is a man that sits at the bar,
Most look at him and see old fat and ugly
Within that man, is wisdom and great knowledge
He’s stood on the lines
He’s fought the battles
And within him resides
A heart of Gold!

He’s asked for something special
A pan of cornbread
And a few homemade muffins
From a very special kitchen

I hear that request
From a friendly bartender
It’s a special request of me.
A bright ray of light
Has just filled my life.

I’ll make the cornbread and muffins
And a little something extra special
Just because
I’ll make it very special, from my special kitchen
Just because
God put this special moment, in my life
Just when I need it also,
Just because

Jere Douglas

Diamond in the Rough

A diamond in the rough, is extremely valuable
Although, it has no brilliance, yet.
The first cut, begins to reveal that brilliance.

Just to behold God’s wonderful creation,
At it’s first conception,
Is Amazing.

The brilliance still held within it,
Just waiting to be developed.
Many things will develop that brilliance.

Each facet that’s cut,
Opens that brilliance for all to see
And Admire!

The final product
Of a life’s work
Is a gem that shines
Forever more brilliant
Than life itself.

Jere Douglas