Kidney stones and good health

There a few things I enjoy in life, two of them are enjoying a fine cigar and being a Chef. The two really go together well as they create a certain level of Zen. The relaxation of the cigar coupled with creating recipes that incorporate experiences around the world. Call it bringing things home to roost.

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The flavor profiles in the Premium Cigars bring to life or accompany the gourmand experiences involving some interesting food, wine and cocktail pairings. By the way, do not forget the hops as my first experience with a cigar involved the hops of the Budweiser! Yes, I might be a redneck, so be it.
Ahum. That said, let us enjoy this journey together and this is the first issue for me and for the online zine. If any of you would to become a contributor, please feel free to contact me!
The publication is online and will be available in print. A true gourmand and artist creates a world full of the regional gastronomy.

Jere “Ranger” Douglas

I am aging and that’s ok. Recently, I went back to the VA with another bout of kidney stones. That could be a downer for a lot of people, but, we have access to all of our records through MyHealthEVet online. For me, that’s a treasure trove of information as I understand the lab results and they always run a battery of tests.

One key issue that keeps popping up is the lack of necessary vitamins and nutrients that can prevent most of the maladies. For me, it is a combination of lack of vitamins A, B, D, E, and K. Now, should I wring my hands, throw in the towel and such or take a proactive approach to deal with these issues. I’ll take the latter and I turn to diet.

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Number one, I am cutting out the fast foods. Those are usually loaded with very little in the way of nutrients and hold little redeeming qualities. The McRib was a favorite of mine for a quick lunch but after I found out that it could sustain a nuclear blast and be around with the cockroaches, that was no getter for me then. To change that habit, I put my handy dandy grill to use and smoke a couple of pork shoulders every two weeks. They call me the portion queen for a reason! Break out the Ziploc bags and play chop-chop with the smoked pork. I have enough from each smoking session to last two weeks. I also smoke a couple racks of ribs and when that’s done, the next week, I smoke some chicken and turkey. Again, portions.

Let’s bring the cheeseburger back in a different way!

Something else I keep on hand is this Pickled Shrimp! Full of good calcium and other nutrients.
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On a daily basis, I have a breakfast of rolled oats or grits, with heavy cream and lots of fresh butter. Brown, organic sugar has a place here for me also. Couple that with two scrambled or over-easy eggs, hash browns, toast and a steaming cup of coffee for starters. If I get a wild hair, I also include kippers, smoked salmon, bagels, cream cheese, capers, and homemade jams.

For lunch, I do a soup and sandwich or a big bowl of homemade Pho. The bone broths or chicken stock I make add enough collagen to my diet to keep my joints lubricated and working, thus, pushing osteoporosis away. I do not want brittle bones to happen. For the sandwiches, it is on bread that I make so I know what is in it instead of some of the store brands. Of course, there are cold soups such as gazpacho and creamy cucumber along with sardines (which are full of calcium) and a boiled egg.

For God’s Sake, don’t forget the pickled green beans!

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Dinner consists of a good protein with the classic starch and green leafy things. Dessert has to be homemade and I enjoy cheesecake like there is no tomorrow!

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