Lorenzo’s El Tiempo

El Tiempo on Gessner Road in Houston

We had a wonderful evening out on Thursday, February 4.2016 at this upscale Mexican Restaurant in Houston!  The atmosphere was very unique for this area of Houston and the service was impeccable.

We were greeted at the door instantly by a hostess that had it on the ball and were seated immediately.  What took me aback was the decor, a good mix of old and new with a tree trunk table in the middle of the main seating area. The seemingly traditional Red colors were there but subdued and accented the natural woods throughout the restaurant.

Our waiter’s name. at table 32, was Jesus and he had some excellent recommendations along with being very jovial and personable.  I had a Caldo Albondiga with Fresh Jalapeno’s on the side. This Caldo is made with a dark broth seasoned well with Chipotle Chilies.  It was warm and very inviting, especially with me having problems with the pollen in Houston as of late.  The Caldo hit the spot with me and let’s just say I can breathe again!  Excellent and quite filling.

John had Regular Burrito with Queso on top of it and was surprised at the exquisite flavor of a regular dish here in Houston.  His eyes popped out when he saw the size as it filled the plate!

Jody had an order of nachos with no beans.  It came out as ordered and we will have leftover nachos for breakfast in the morning!

The Piece De Resistance was the 3 Sopapillas w/ Ice Cream! I have not seen sopapillas that big in my life and fried to perfection, served with honey and fresh caramel.  A warm cup of coffee with dessert was called for and I enjoyed in immensely.

If you ever get to Houston, then I highly recommend any of the El Tiempo’s or Lorenzo’s restaurants around town!


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