Nippon Japanese Restaurant

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This past weekend (December 12th, 2015), we had company from out of town, David Richardson from Austin, and he wanted to treat us to an evening out with Japanese food.  I have been a patron (Jere Douglas) of Nippon for over a decade and fell in love with this quaint homey Japanese restaurant during my soirees in the Montrose.

My existential experience in lighting up a Payback is so comforting to my inner soul and reminds me of the Sakura festivals in Honshu Prefecture of Japan.

Nippon reminds me of my time living and working in Japan in the seventies as a musician and it is really a Gem in the Montrose.

Nippon Menu

To begin the evening, we perused the menu and I had seen online about the Uni imported from Hokkaido, Japan.  This has to be a winner and I saved it for last.  David took a look at the unique menu and I was busy answering questions about the foods and pairings.  He began with the Miso Soup which is always top notch and moved to the Steak Teriyaki.  The finishing of his meal was the Banana Tempura with ice cream.  Well, when He and Jody were done with their dessert, there was not a thing to even lick on the plate!

Jody had the beef rolls which he always enjoys and the Banana Tempura for dessert.

I had the Churashi with oshinko and my beloved Uni. The Chirashi is a chefs choice over a rice bowl and it was delicately prepared with acute attention to detail.  The artistry alone is enough to make me salivate.  Preceeded with the Miso Soup, coupled with the Oshinko and the ending Uni.  The Uni was the icing on the cake!  Imported from Hokkaido, it took me, with it creamy buttery texture and taste of the Sea of Japan, back decades to an island called Miyajima.  Wow!

Nippon Restaurant

I highly recommend Nippon, family owned, great conversation and excellent foods! Ramen

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