Friday, beginning of a regular weekend or is it?

For all those 8 to 5 folks, this is the usual. However, in the arts and service industries, our week is just beginning. This weekend in Houston is a large event going on in the Montrose known as LUEY or “Let Us Entertain You” weekend where the leather folk from Houston extend the red carpet to the folks from New Orleans that put out, err, put on Mardi Gras every year. It’s a fun event and takes place in the bars and denzions of the Greater Houston Midtown Area.

While you are in Houston, check out the Museum District also as there are some world class collections here and the Museum of Fine Arts always has some interesting rotating exhibits. Also, one of my favorite dining places is directly on Montrose, Nippon! Excellent Japanese food with specials on a regular basis. Tell them that Jere sent you.

This has been a week of epiphanies for me! It’s been fun and intriguing, that’s for sure. Currently, I live in West Houston, the Burbs or way out in the country with my husband, Jody. To be honest, I’m not a country boy, I left that a long time ago and that has caused some situations that can have resolutions. Do I bring the city to the country or the country to the city? Hummm.

I’m a stick to it person and learning about myself is the other side of this coin. Houston has a lot to offer, especially a cosmopolitan personality like myself (just add vodka here) and it’s up to me to find ways to make this work. I’m a middle aged man beginning a new business concept that incorporates the major talents and characteristics in my life into one. Jody says I seem to have many hats, now it’s time to wear one!

Life keeps evolving! Go with it Baby!

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